synadm config

Modify synadm’s configuration. Configuration details are generally always asked interactively. Command line options override the suggested defaults in the prompts.

synadm config [OPTIONS]


-u, --user <user>

Admin user allowed to access the Synapse admin API’s.

-t, --token <token>

The Admin user’s access token.

-b, --base-url <base_url>

The base URL Synapse is running on. Typically this is https://localhost:8008 or https://localhost:8448. If Synapse is configured to expose its admin API’s to the outside world it might as well be something like this:

-p, --admin-path <admin_path>

The path Synapse provides its admin API’s, usually the default fits most installations.

-m, --matrix-path <matrix_path>

The path Synapse provides the regular Matrix API’s, usually the default fits most installations.

-w, --timeout <timeout>

The time in seconds synadm should wait for responses from admin API’s or Matrix API’s. The default is 7 seconds.

-o, --output <output>

How synadm displays data by default. ‘human’ gives a tabular or list view depending on the fetched data. This mode needs your terminal to be quite wide! ‘json’ displays exactly as the API responded. ‘pprint’ shows nicely formatted json. ‘yaml’ is the currently recommended output format. It doesn’t need as much terminal width as ‘human’ does. Note that the default output format can always be overridden by using global switch -o (eg ‘synadm -o pprint user list’).


yaml | json | human | pprint